The Band members are jazz enthusiasts from Calgary’s community of talented amateur and professional musicians.

Barb Hume (alto), Lisa Bumstead (alto), Jacques Baribeault (tenor),  Kim Linkert (tenor), Colin Rothbauer (bari)

Ron Langlo, Tim Oldham, Simon Weekley, John Person (bass)

Drew Smith, Mark Paidra, Cheryl Kryluk, Ted Phipps

Rhythm Section
Francois Burger (guitar), [auditioning] (piano), Peter Pfiffig (drums), Dave Caswell (bass)

Lurene Bates, David Clake, Drew Smith

Alumni and Friends
Thank you for the music!

  • Gordie Southern (trumpet, leader)
  • Roger Baribeault (guitar)
  • Jim Brandenburg (alto sax)
  • Fred Bray (saxophone, leader)
  • Stan Brown (trumpet)
  • Paul Evans (tenor sax)
  • Nathan Frenette (trumpet)
  • Neil Hickerson (trombone)
  • Jack Innes (trumpet)
  • Martin Kennedy (piano)
  • Matt Lemay (alto sax)
  • John Mackie (tenor sax, leader)
  • Karen Mackie (vocals)
  • Keith Robson (trumpet, piano)
  • Angus “Gus” Schiedel (trumpet)
  • Billy Smith (trumpet)
  • Bill Treherne (trumpet)
  • Wilma Rothbauer (piano)
  • Kathie Van Lare (trumpet)
  • Peter Waldron (trumpet, leader)
  • Theresa Wasden (vocal)

Are you, or a family member, a Stardust alumni? Let us know! After 60+ years there are a few people we have missed!